japan aug 2018

So this post is going to be a mix of some of the photos taken before the trip and during the trip. This is going to be lengthier than usual. Please enjoy.

Watched a show in the newly relocated live house called This Town Needs. It is a pretty good venue and they sell beer!

Instagram Story is way more important than enjoying the show.I didn’t have much expectation for the show, but it was amazing (though I have already forgotten their names).

Cassie.Signing stuff.

Took some time to shoot before meeting my friends for a drink.

You know it’s O-camp season!

 Trying the Velvia simulation.

Les and Yannis.Getting ready for the trip to Tokyo.Dad insisted on driving us to the airport. 

We later met this family in the Narita airport at a counter. The woman asked way too many questions……Extra leg room because I looked like I can lift the emergency exit door. 

Reminded me of a scene in Lost in Translation.

A common scene in Tokyo.I originally thought it was some sort of scam but it turned out to be a legit program for Japanese to meet foreigners. 

The reason why we were in Tokyo.This is how they promote.Back to Shinjuku for the Robot Restaurant Show.The most Japanese thing I have ever seen.

The pilot of these robots. Intermission

Nissan showroomSony showroom

In his natural habitat.I met her again in Shinjuku

Old folks specialized in giving tickets for illegal parking.Tokyo Tower.

He probably just got back from Disneyland.

At the Tokyo National Museum. 

Making your own postcard.

Kau Cim

Absorbing the blessing.

Cliche street photography.

This dude was creeping on three girls in kimono. Even asked them for a photo……

I know it would sound unfair, but you can skip visiting Tokyo Tower and go visiting the Skytree instead. A much better experience. Counting the time for long exposure.

She clearly missed her stop.First time having ramen in a real ramen shop.That night I went to Golden Gai (just next to the hotel I stayed at). There were over a hundred tiny bars. I spent almost half an hour to choose which bar should I go into.And here I was.The place was so tiny that it would make you extremely uncomfortable when you didnt click with others.

Christina, the star of the night.The drunk Frenchmen kept singing karaoke. His channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lololofficiel/featured

Ramen at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Akihabara. I was too tired to shoot.

Didn’t shoot anything in Sonicmania as I thought they didn’t not allow any decent cameras in. However the following day I just shot with the RX100.Silent disco.

Japanese tend to get drunk very early.

 This dude kept the light on for the whole flight…..