usa feb 2019

It was like a rather spontaneous decision. I wanted to visit a factory in Denver and there is no direct flight from Hong Kong to Denver. I was thinking ‘why not staying in NYC for a few days before going to Denver?’. So here is my 12-day trip in the states. I haven’t shot for a while and it got quite difficult to shoot streets again, but I guess I have learnt to take life as it comes and tried to make the best out of it. I hope you enjoy the photos.

A week before leaving for the USA. Jane’s birthday party.
Cass, just came back from the UK and stayed in Hong Kong for the CNY holiday.
First time I had a flight this long. It was much better than I thought. I worked on some stuff and watched movies.
The first thing I noticed was that people in the USA are generally more tolerant to dogs, or should I say they are all dog lovers?
cliché photo at the Grand Central Terminal
There is a level called ‘Dining Concourse’. Pretty good food at reasonable prices.
Compared with Hong Kong, the homelessness problem in NYC is very serious. This guy offered to give this homeless person a dollar if he let him take photos. What a jerk.
Not sure if it was related to Camus.
In the subway.
Not sure if it was related to Camus.
On my way to Central Park.
Do it for the gram!
There is just something special in this park. Such a huge greenery in the heart of a city where everyone can enjoy the park in their own way.
Finally met Kale again. A long-time friend.
Went to the Empire State Building
Do it for the gram again.
I took this shot because the name was funny
And this just happened
I didn’t realize he was looking at me.
Went to museum the next day. The collections were pretty impressive. The museums in Hong Kong are not bad though, but certainly require some new exhibits.
Never understand why people want to take photos of exhibits.
Restoration artist.
I was sitting there watching this guy doing his sketch. He was so concentrated. I wonder if I could reach this level. Being a person who is prone to distractions. This was unreal to me.
I didn’t know what he was doing, but it turned out he was posing for the gram…..
MET is a bit boring. I agree. I am more of a
AMNH guy.
Definitely a legit gig in the subway. The white guy was very into it.
One of the reasons why the streets in NYC smell is that there is just too much garbage.
The Bull
The balls
Free ferry
All the major conflicts in 21s century spawned here. Why would people take selfies here…..
Felt like I had to visit Chinatown since it was Chinese New Year.
Chinese guys doing Chinese thing.
Near the Highline
Rush hour
In Brooklyn, this girl was singing out load when riding a bicycle.
Went to Denver after spending 5 days in New York. Took a while to get used to the temperature. The vibe of the city was totally different from that of New York. To me, it was more authentic American. New York was like the America you see on TV.
A nice history tour in the Colorado State Capitol.
Liberal agenda
First time seeing snow. I’ll definitely remember this.
Took a day trip to the Rocky Mountain.
A church surrounded by the wilderness.
Whisky Bar in Estes Park. Most of us got our faces really red after a drink. Must be the altitude.
Park Ranger, really talkative. I think people in the country tend to be more talkative as human interactions are rare, or precious.
Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Didn’t disappoint me at all.

I was kind of regret not taking enough photos in Denver, or even in New York City. I hadn’t shoot for a long while and I was losing the feeling of using a camera, plus I spent way much time to shoot Instagram stories for my students. I guess the upcoming trip to Tokyo (again) would be more productive. I know people prefer Instagram more but to me a blog makes the most sense to the content I create. Until next time!