Work has been taking over for quite a while. I did not have much time to shoot. However, after this pandemic and my grandma passing away, I see the importance to do things that you really enjoy, even if you have a limited amount of time, which we all do.

With all the craziness going on around the time, it is crucial to find something that helps you manage your emotions. And mine are lifting weights and taking photos.

overnight flight to Japan is the way to go. Cheap and time-saving.
It’s been years since the whole family went on a trip together.
Had the same vibe that I got back at the Central Park. It was springtime and lots of families were gathering around the cherry blossoms.
never understood that game.
I wish I had taken a lot more photos, but travelling in a group really put some limitations.
The end of January 2020, when the pandemic started getting out of control.
Had a date with a girl in Central. It was a good date, but things didn’t work out at the end, like most things in life.
Trying the new camera, I had been dreaming of buying a rangefinder-style camera. I don’t think a better camera is going to make me a better photographer. I just want to have it.
I don’t think there is any noticeable differences between X-Pro3 and X-T20 or X-H1 that I am used to. However the ergonomics and handling of this new camera really help with shooting streets.
Ming, the craft beer brewer. Trying out some CBD beer.
When was the last time when you saw someone using a phone booth.
Really? In the middle of the intersection?
Paid a visit to the funeral home since my grandmother passed away. I didn’t feel too sad about the fact that she passed away in her 90s without too much suffering, but her death definitely a wake-up call that life is finite, a fact that most people tend to overlook when they still haven’t hit their 60s. The constant fear of death doesn’t help us function better as a human being, but ignoring it doesn’t either.
I guess people in the west would be surprised when they saw this. People queuing up to get into the new Lego store.
A scene that can be found in many places in Hong Kong.
Like films, cassette players seem to be getting popular again.

Struggling to shoot more.

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