It is almost a year since the last blog post. It has been quite a busy year. I still shoot, but mostly they are videos and for the school I work for. It’s actually quite hard to pick up the feeling of shooting street or shooting in general after stopping taking photographs for such a long time. I know that people rarely read and write blogs these days. Everyone uses Instagram. However, It seems to me that blog is still the most suitable format for my style of photography and I will try my best to maintain this blog. Like last year, I am trying to post the photos I shoot in the last few months before my trip to Tokyo.

Curtis and his Mazda MX-5. I haven’t seen him for a few years. Our enthusiasm for cars and movies keeps us connected throughout the years.

Had lunch with Vanessa the other day.

Interview on the street.

Do it for the gram!

Trying out craft beer with Ash.


Garrett, my former colleague.

Will, my favourite British.

One of my secondary school classmates got married.



Dining at a vegetarian restaurant.

Ernest (not taken by me)

Denise (again, not by me)

Sitting down at a bar to watch a World Cup game.


A pretty funny name for a restaurant (It’s a homophone in Cantonese, which means ‘fry your mother’).


Arcade in the mall


Focus on her drawings.

A bit pricey, but definitely a very good place serving craft beer.

Yannis making a choice.

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