It’s been really a long time. After I shut down my last photoblog, I got into the whole fitness/bodybuilding thing. I rarely touched my digital camera and I sold my hexar. I thought I would never shoot photos again, but I was probably wrong. Because of my job, I am required to take event photos from time to time and I am one of the guys who run the Campus video team. The idea of getting back to photography slowly creeped in my mind. So one day, I went to the store and got a new X-T20 and later got a 23mm F2 and a 50-140. I hope this site can last a bit longer than the last one.

a few shots with the RX100IV

I got this camera about 2 years ago. The quality is unbeatable in the small camera standard. The video function is still even better than my XT20.

Got invited to my university department annual dinner. still able to see some familiar faces.

got phubbed

now the XT20

will never dine at this place if i need to wait for over 2 hours.

Denise vents her annoyance about at our unpunctuality.

camera given to Annie


The place is actually pretty amazing in terms of service and food quality.

cool fact: Cheesecake factory gives these cool badges to the employees who are sent to new branches as the opening team.

The waitress told me she traded another badge for this since she was born in Cincinnati.

 hair all gone, but still wanna take pictures.