japan aug 2017

This was the first time I visited another country since my last trip to Taiwan 4 years ago and this was also my first time in Japan. This country didn’t let me down. The Japanese way of doing things has its own charm. I tried my best to shoot more but the weather was just too hot (38 degree on one day in Nara). A 6-day trip is definitely not enough to explore three Kansai cities with a huge amount of culture heritage. Most photos were taken with XT-20 and most color ones were taken with RX100IV.

midnight flight

Fancy internet corner.

Arrived at 7 in the morning.

Inside the Osaka History Museum

Japanese taking photos of Japanese

My attempt to become a postcard photographer

Already crowded with tourists

Pay 500 yen and you don’t need to walk under the glaring sun.

Snack bars inside the Osaka Castle

On the way to Dotobori

The second day in Kyoto

XT-20 Velvia filter. Not my taste……..


It takes two men to operate this tram. Somehow it’s quite backward when you consider the fact that their toilets are so advanced.

Sangano Romantic Train

The chikurin

These rickshaw runners have the greatest work ethics I have ever seen. Besides taking you to various tourist spots, they can tell you the stories of each place with good English.

Back to downtown area for dinner

The third day. In Kyoto again

Iwashimizu Hachimangū

Fushimi Inari-taisha

inside Ginkaku-ji

Back to Osaka for dinner with a secondary school friend who lives in Japan now. This is a shrine inside the busy district and I forget its name. People pour water to the statue for wealth and happiness…… I suppose.

He traveled all the way from Nagoya to Osaka.

In Kōfuku-j, Nara.

Mom and dad

He is hosing the ground, to cool down the place a bit I guess…….

Selfie with the lantern

The drivers of public transport vehicles (trains and buses) do the announcements themselves, even though there is pre-recorded announcements. This is also one of the things I find peculiar in Japan.


To Tōdai-ji


Took this shot just because of the light

Apparently old buildings are boring for someone.


Probably they are the reason why people visiting Nara.

These creatures are extremely smart and not afraid to get rough just to get the biscuits from people.

One of them is attracted by my camera.

A dedicated deer feeder

Not a single f**k is given

Back to downtown area for food

Some kind of celebration. So many Japanese couples there.

The fifth day. We were stuck in Osaka because of the bad weather.

With style


At the end of the trip, I felt I didn’t shoot enough. Maybe I am still not decisive enough to press the shutter bottom or it’s because of the heat. Guess I’ll have to shoot more in Hong Kong. Anyway hope you enjoy this blogpost.


before the trip

Not very productive lately. However, I’ll go to Osaka in August so I guess it’s a good time to clear all the unpublished images so I can put all the photos taken in Japan in one post.

One day I was so boring that I bought my RX and went to Central strolling around.

The juxtaposition.

Met my friend on my way back.

My desk. I just basically threw everything away. Want a fresh start for the coming academic year.

Another day in Mong Kok.

Went to anther school for this drama performance. The scale of the show was huge for a secondary school’s standard.

Definitely university level……

The goal for this trip to Osaka/Kyoto/Nara is to able capture enough footage to put together a short film and of course a lot of street photographs.



It’s been really a long time. After I shut down my last photoblog, I got into the whole fitness/bodybuilding thing. I rarely touched my digital camera and I sold my hexar. I thought I would never shoot photos again, but I was probably wrong. Because of my job, I am required to take event photos from time to time and I am one of the guys who run the Campus video team. The idea of getting back to photography slowly creeped in my mind. So one day, I went to the store and got a new X-T20 and later got a 23mm F2 and a 50-140. I hope this site can last a bit longer than the last one.

a few shots with the RX100IV

I got this camera about 2 years ago. The quality is unbeatable in the small camera standard. The video function is still even better than my XT20.

Got invited to my university department annual dinner. still able to see some familiar faces.

got phubbed

now the XT20

will never dine at this place if i need to wait for over 2 hours.

Denise vents her annoyance about at our unpunctuality.

camera given to Annie


The place is actually pretty amazing in terms of service and food quality.

cool fact: Cheesecake factory gives these cool badges to the employees who are sent to new branches as the opening team.

The waitress told me she traded another badge for this since she was born in Cincinnati.

 hair all gone, but still wanna take pictures.